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Anyone working with Team It's Fit-possible will be connected to a group of like minded and motivated people just like yourself who all share goals of becoming more healthy.  Access to this group is 24/7. You can ask questions, share recipes, encourage and support each other through your journeys.  The group support is lead and moderated by a member of team It's Fitpossible's leaders. 

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Additional ways to get invovled
Goal Setting & Program Compatibility 
If you are having trouble setting measurable, attainable goals our team will be available to help you identify what is realistic in a given amount of time.  All we need to know is what is your motivation and how far are you willing to go.  Our team will ensure that you are matched with a program that will make these goals a reality.

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Beachbody Challenge Packs are now at Beachbody and are the complete package, offering total support for achieving health and fitness goals.

The formula? 

Fitness + nutrition + support + rewards = success!

Here’s the breakdown: 

What is a Beachbody Challenge Group?
A Beachbody Challenge Group is a group of people who have committed to getting healthy by participating in a Beachbody workout program. Through fitness, nutrition, and peer support and accountability, a Beachbody Challenge Group plays a key role in achieving your goals. Groups typically include 4-6 challengers to keep participation and accountability at a maximum. 

Where are Team It's Fit-Possible's Beachbody Challenge Groups held?
They are held over the internet with all participants being placed together in an online group where you will communicate & check-in daily and your coach will post daily assignments to help you achieve the goal of your chosen fitness program. See events calendar above for the next start date.

How will my I benefit from being in a Challenge Group?
You will benefit from being part of a small, exclusive group of people, all working together to help each other achieve their health and fitness goals. You'll receive motivation and friendship in the group, creating long-lasting relationships, trust, and comfort in sharing both struggles and successes. What's more, you'll also be joining The Beachbody Challenge contest—where you'll be eligible to win cash and prizes along their journey.
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Fitness Class in Erie, PA
Back in March 2013, I saw a picture that shocked me.  It was one of those moments where you could not figure out how you got there!  I had always been heavy so I had gotten used to it but at 225, I was heavier than I realized and I was unhealthy. I knew I needed to change...for me and my family.  I started buy spending hundreds of dollars on wraps and gimmicks that didn't work for me and one day I realized I was going to have to do it the right way to get results.  

Late one night, I ordered turbofire because as a former cheerleader and dancer, it looked like something that I thought could be fun.  And for three months, I would get up before the rest of the house and go to the basement to workout.  I locked the door so no one could watch and I told no one because I honestly was scared that I would fail.  I learned about portion control and clean eating and I tracked it all.  I did this everyday!  And by the end of those three months, I had lost 30 pounds and was feeling amazing!  I couldn't believe it actually worked. I became a coach almost immediately after that first round because of two things... 1)  i needed 

discount on shakeology and 2) I found something that worked and I wanted to scream it from the rooftops to let people know that if it worked for me, it could work for them. After that first round, I gradually began pushing myself further and further out of my comfort zone and knocking down that wall that I had build around me. As I have reached out to help more people, it has brought me to a place where I dance again!  I no longer am embarrassedby the way my body moves, I embrace it.  I am a Beachbody Live trainer for PiYo and Cize and a Diamond coach with an amazing team of people helping people!.  They have become my family and love me for my craziness as much I return it right back!  

Truth is, I am a busy, full time working mom of three!  I know what its like to not have a minute to pee let alone change your life.  But one small step each day can make for amazingly big results. I will be on this journey for life because I need the accountability (I like cake..and beer...and pizza so sometimes its rough)  but I am all about finding the right balance for myself and finding the one that works best for you too!  You deserve for all of your best qualities to shine!

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Oh my goodness you guys, I cannot believe the number of programs I've collected over the years in order to keep my interest and not get bored with my fitness. I'm such a shiny object kind of girl that I don't often do the same program more than once. I can't even tell you the amount of money that got invested in this collection. 

I'm so jealous that you guys don't have to go through that though and spend all that money in order to get all these options! I absolutely love that we can log onto the Internet and have the Netflix of fitness at our fingers tips.